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Letter of Disclosure - Ziets Botha

Dear Mr/Mrs

According to the FAIS Act, I would like to bring the following to your attention:

 My name is Zichy (Ziets) Botha and my contact details are:

Postal address:                        PO Box 73026, Fairland, 2030

Physical address:                     Unit 16, Sunpark, 178 Smit Street, Fairland, 2170, Johannesburg

Contact Numbers:                    011 782 2868 (w)  082 253 4243 (m)

E-mail address:                        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FSP Number:                           22561

 I’m in the service of Intellivest Financial Services (IFS), an authorised Financial service provider, who accepts the responsibility in my position as a licensed and authorised representative.

I have been providing financial advice and intermediary services on behalf of Intellivest Financial Services since July 2015. The scope of products that we offer includes: Investment planning, Retirement planning; Death and Disability cover and Estate Planning.

I am authorised to provide financial advice and intermediary services as described in the following categories: 






Long-term Insurance: subcategory A


Securities and Instruments: Warrants, certificates and other instruments


Short-term Insurance Personal Lines


Securities and Instruments: Bonds


Long-term Insurance subcategory B1


Securities and Instruments: Derivative instruments excluding warrants


Long-term Insurance subcategory C


Participatory Interests in Collective Investment Schemes


Retail Pension Benefits


Forex Investment Business


Short-term Insurance Commercial Lines


Long-term Deposits


Pension Fund Benefits (excluding retail pension benefits)


Short-term Deposits


Securities and Instruments: Shares


Friendly Society Benefits


Securities and Instruments: Money market instruments


Long-term Insurance subcategory B2


Securities and Instruments: Debentures and securitised debt







Securities and Instruments: Shares


Securities and Instruments: Derivative instruments excluding warrants


Securities and Instruments: Money market instruments


Securities and Instruments: Warrants, certificates and other instruments


Participatory Interests in Collective Investment Schemes

A copy of our FSB licence is available on request. 

Intellivest Financial Services has written authorisation and is accredited to provide/market the products of the following insurers and/or financial institutions:

  • Allan Gray
  • Investec Asset Management
  • Investec Wealth & Investments
  • Standard Bank Online Share Trading
  • PPS Investments
  • PPS Insurance
  • Hollard Life
  • Momentum

As services provider, IFS does not directly or indirectly hold more than 10% of the listed or unlisted shares of any of the abovementioned insurers or financial institutions. IFS is also not an associated company of any specific insurer or financial institution. As per the latest audited financial statements, the company (IFS) has received more than 30% of its total remuneration from the Allan Gray platform during the previous financial year. (IFS financial statements are available on request.) This is because the bulk of the company’s services offered is being provided by Allan Gray as a platform administrator, and it also sells the products of its competitors.  

I as representative, however, have received more than 30% of my previous year’s remuneration from the Investec platform.  This is simply because the bulk of my clients’ investment holdings during the previous financial year was with Investec. This might change in future if new clients and/or investments are placed with other providers. The costs and benefits associated with the providers where all my clients’ funds are placed (Investec and Allan Gray) are extremely competitive, meaning clients derive similar and competitive benefits/costs at both. I am compensated for my (financial) services by means of a commission and/or a management fee, which is being paid to me by the product supplier. I also received a portion of the brokerage from share portfolios managed by me, from Investec and Standard Bank (via IFS). My compensation/remuneration varies from product to product and can be negotiated. Intellivest Financial Services (Pty) Ltd currently holds Professional Indemnity Insurance as stipulated by the operational requirements relevant to its licence, under the FAIS act.

Ankie Engelbrecht is registered as the official compliance officer of Intellivest Financial Services (Pty) Ltd. The compliance officer ensures that FAIS regulations are adhered to, and that the client is provided with the appropriate financial advice. He can also be contacted at the offices of Intellivest Financial Services.

All client information obtained will be handled as confidential and will only be made available upon your written consent or should I be obliged by law to make such information available.

Should you not be satisfied with any of the services provided by me or IFS, please send a written complaint to the above address.  A copy of an approved complaints form is available upon request.